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How do I pay an attorney?

During your free initial consultation, we will be able to determine if bankruptcy is an alternative for you.  Sometimes filing bankruptcy is not the right solution for a particular client or the client needs to wait a period of time prior to filing bankruptcy.  During that time, we will create a plan for you to pay your attorney’s fees. 

The filing fee for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $299 and the filing fee for filing a Chapter 13 case is $274.

Why do I need an attorney?

Bankruptcy is a complicated process.  There are many document preparation services that will provide individuals with the necessary documents to file their own bankruptcy case and these services will charge a fee to help individuals fill out the forms.  However, document preparers may not provide any legal advice as they are not attorneys licensed to practice law.  Even telling individuals whether or not they should file a certain chapter bankruptcy case is giving legal advice.  In addition, any mistakes that are made are considered the individual filing the bankruptcy case and individuals may lose their property or be dismissed from bankruptcy because they did something wrong.  If individuals choose to represent themselves and/or use a document preparer to prepare your bankruptcy documents, they are responsible for acting as an attorney which means they must make sure that all of the filings of your case are made correctly and in a timely fashion.  They will not be excused for mistakes because they did not “know”.  The law requires that individuals acting as an attorney on their own behalf know the law and if they do not know the law there is not any excuse or “do-over”.

Many individuals file their own case only to have it dismissed because it was not filed properly and then the individual must hire an attorney to fix the problem.  Ultimately, the individual will end up paying more in fees and costs than he or she would have had an attorney been hired in the first place.  In addition, because of a bankruptcy dismissal the individual may have lost property that could have been saved or may not be able to file another bankruptcy case.

The information provided in this website is meant only as a general description of the current laws as of the date of the writing. It is not meant to be an exhaustive discussion of all the nuances of the law and is intended to be only an overview. Many issues may appear simpler than they are, and an individual should always contact an attorney to obtain a complete, accurate interpretation of the law given the individual's particular circumstances. Thompson Law Group, P.C. makes no representations as to how the law would affect a particular situation and intends only to illustrate areas of concern and give general information.

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