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Welcome - Business Law - General Philosophy

“Our Business is Helping you Run Your Business”

The Thompson Law Group, P.C. acts as in-house counsel to many small to medium-sized businesses as well as to large firms.   Our business clients need to spend their time running their businesses and not worrying about legal matters.  We handle your legal affairs as they arise so that you can spend time focusing on what you do best to make your business profitable.  We are a team dedicated to optimizing your business’ potential through general business maintenance, collections, drafting necessary contracts to avoid future disputes and handling any other legal matter that may arise so that your business remains healthy and viable into the future.  In addition, if your business becomes financially distressed, we can advise you on the best course of action to reorganize such that your business can survive a difficult financial times and become profitable again.

In our transactional and business law work, we focus on prevention because we believe that ten minutes with a lawyer at the onset of a potential problem can save thousands of dollars in litigation expenses.  In addition, having an attorney review or draft a contract for a transaction can protect the client from future disputes about the transaction.  Sometimes the difference between a lawsuit and immediate resolution of a dispute is the advice that a client receives from an attorney.  We strive to educate our clients so that they are able to determine the times when it would be wise to speak with an attorney prior to taking any action.  We handle all types of business matters from formation of a business entity and maintenance of that entity to collections and general employment issues.  We enjoy long relationships with our business clients and work as a team to avoid litigation, if at all possible.  We also handle some legal matters at a flat rate so that attorney’s fees are certain and not an additional stress.

We view ourselves and our clients as members of a team dedicated to resolving our clients’ problems or protecting them in a transaction.  Our job is to handle all aspects of a transaction or a dispute so the client is free from worry about procedural matters.  We are committed to keeping our clients apprised of the status of their case and make a point to communicate with our clients about a change in their matter as quickly as possible.  The Thompson Law Group, P.C. is committed to providing quality legal service at reasonable rates.  It is our hope that should a problem arise, that we are able to resolve our client’s issue as quickly, cost-effectively, and as beneficially as possible.  Our business is helping you run your business.

The information provided in this website is meant only as a general description of the current laws as of the date of the writing. It is not meant to be an exhaustive discussion of all the nuances of the law and is intended to be only an overview. Many issues may appear simpler than they are, and an individual should always contact an attorney to obtain a complete, accurate interpretation of the law given the individual's particular circumstances. Thompson Law Group, P.C. makes no representations as to how the law would affect a particular situation and intends only to illustrate areas of concern and give general information.

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