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Real Property

Welcome – General Philosophy for Real Estate Document Preparation

Thompson Law Group, P.C. provides document preparation services relating to real estate transactions at a reasonable cost. We also review previous documentation in the chain of title to ensure its validity and work with the client to correct any title defects. Most clients know what they wish to accomplish, but not necessarily the most effective and beneficial way to accomplish it. Clients often request a certain document, such as a quitclaim deed as opposed to a warranty deed, without realizing the ramifications of using one document over another. To avoid attorney’s fees, many people opt to purchase a form from a local office supply store or online. Unfortunately, most documents found online or at office supply stores are not state specific and may not have validity in the State of Arizona. In addition, the form may not have been recently updated to account for the frequent changes in the law. Failure to use the correct document or prepare it correctly may create a cloud on the title or may make it unenforceable which will only increase the costs that the client was trying to avoid. In addition, a title company may not insure any future transfers or sale of the real property without the correct documents being filed or any defects being corrected. What many people do not realize is that defects in the chain of title to real property do not go away and should be addressed as soon as they become apparent so that they may be properly corrected. In short, the money believed to be saved in purchasing a form online or at the local office supply store may ultimately be spent (if not more) in correcting the title of real property.

All documents prepared by Thompson Law Group, P.C. are specific to the laws of the State of Arizona and are customized for the specific transaction presented. The documents are reviewed by an attorney to be sure that they comply with all appropriate state laws. The document preparation services we provide include, but are not limited to, deeds, purchase agreements, promissory notes, powers of attorney, deeds of trust, security agreements, subordination agreements, release instruments, and bills of sale. Further, documents are reviewed not only from a legal standpoint but from a title insurance standpoint as well. Our staff has an intensive title insurance and real estate backgrounds and experience in the practical aspects of the industry as well as the law. We work closely with title insurance companies to make sure that the documents we have prepared will pass their scrutiny in insuring the property at some future date.

Unfortunately errors in real title transfers do not get better with time as people or witnesses become unavailable and a correction to title only becomes more difficult.  They must ultimately be addressed and corrected.  Generally, the earlier defects are detected, the easier they are to correct. If you have any doubt regarding the validity of a transfer of property, please contact us so that we may review the transfer and ensure that the transfer has been effective for what you wish to achieve.

The Thompson Law Group, P.C. is committed to providing quality legal service at reasonable rates. We generally provide our documentation preparation services at a flat rate so that the fees are certain. If is necessary to provide additional services, such as review additional documents, chain the title, etc., in order to prepare the necessary documents or cure title defects, we inform our clients of this expense prior to commencement of any work in avoid any confusion about fees or necessary work to protect a transaction and make it valid.

The information provided in this website is meant only as a general description of the current laws as of the date of the writing. It is not meant to be an exhaustive discussion of all the nuances of the law and is intended to be only an overview. Many issues may appear simpler than they are, and an individual should always contact an attorney to obtain a complete, accurate interpretation of the law given the individual's particular circumstances. Thompson Law Group, P.C. makes no representations as to how the law would affect a particular situation and intends only to illustrate areas of concern and give general information.

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